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I also ordered a curling iron a month ago.They gave me a fake USPS number and I have both emailed and instant messaged on their website (it says they will get back within 5 minutes...still waiting from yesterday and last week).

I have demanded a refund. This company must be fake and a scam.

They will not get back to me.DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

Review about: Instaglams Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I ordered on August 11th and have not received it. Have requested 3 times for them to refund my money and they always respond with the same promise that its on its way and they will have the shipping department send me my tracking number, which never happens.


I've been waiting since August 14th!! Phone number goes straight to voice mail and email messages say the same thing of it's on its way and we promise to email your tracking number.


They did the same to me, I have been waiting since August!!!


I order a curling iron 3 months ago they charged my credit card already and I have not got my product they gave me no information to contact them I order number that is worthless I will be contacting my credit card to get the charges removed and expose them as thief’s , what a bunch of scums , I guess I should have known better


I have been waiting for over 2 months for my flat iron, nothing has shown up!

Has anyone gotten anywhere on this site on getting their money back or received their product?


I have been a victim of this as well.Was there any luck with police or does anyone know of anyone else we should contact?

Consumer Protection Agency or attorney general?This has to stop!

to Wronged #1383670

If we go to police will we get our money back my bank said they can't really do anything bc it's past 60 days


It has been months and I have yet to receive any product or refund from them. I am livid, I also got a fake tracking number from them. It is disgusting how many scams are out there these days


I am in same position.Been a month and nothing.

Not even a order tracking number just blatantly taken my money and no contact .

.Pissed off also


Yeah looks like I am a "victim" of this bloody company also.Have been trying to contact them for a month on an off, and they gave me the run around at first, then they stopped responding.

Never recieved the item or a refund.

Going to dispute it with my credit card company.DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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